Friday, December 13, 2013

My Year In Running: 2013

My year in running.


That was short.

I had SUCH high expectations. I should probably link back to last year at this time when I wrote a post about my goals and my high hopes for 2013.  Four or five half marathons and a BIG goal to break into the 1:30 range.  I did two half's and never broke into the 1:30 range because I broke my damn foot (essentially).

I really struggled with training and running both half marathons and by the time I went to the doctor and put this boot on 12 weeks ago next Wednesday I was over running.

So there was that.  This year I have no idea what my mileage total was.  I ran two 5ks and two half marathons.  I trained for three half marathons. I wore a boot for 12 weeks.

I am stronger, leaner, and healthier than I was in August and I am okay now with not being able to run. I can see the strange dynamic I had set up with running.  I traded addictions if you will - I am good like that - addiction is my thing apparently.  I was not having as much fun as I was having when I started to run AND I was hurt.  2013 sort of sucked.

I biked a shit ton (that is an actual amount if you look it up...) and I started swimming 1-2 days per week as I could fit it in.  I am lifting weights anywhere from 3-5 days per week, and doing a lot of sit ups/planks/push ups/wall sits. Whatever I can do to keep myself entertained, lose weight, and develop the core I was sorely missing all of these years since having babies.

Of course that does not mean I am not plotting 2014 already.

I plan to wear the boot till the new year literally.  I have been diligently going to the chiropractor. I need to get back to my strengthening exercising (for my foot). I was doing those consistently but stopped when we discovered the cracked foundation and subsequent ripping up of the room/holidays/paint the room/etc.  It was all more than I could handle. I noticed a lot of pain in my heel when I have not worn the boot for a few days at a time here and there recently and freaked out thinking it was NEVER going to heal.  Then Dr. Mandy showed me that it is just the ligaments/muscles around my ankle have atrophied so much that they are sore because they are being made to work again when they have not been working all these weeks in that boot.

I printed out the "running" plan.  That is one I found that starts someone back to running after an injury such as a mine. I plan to take things slowly and steadily.  I hope to test that plan out on the 1st day of the new year and go from there.  It is a 12 week plan so if all goes well with that plan by April I should be able to slowly start back to running regularly again.  Caveat.

I will continue to incorporate biking and swimming and weights into my workout life.  I will never again just run.  I plan to try to run three days a week after (fingers crossed) a successful 12 week reintroduction into running.  Another caveat.

If I notice any continued heel pain I will got back in the boot for another 8 weeks. I have read that this kind of injury can require 18-20 weeks in a boot so I will do what I need to do to be FULLY healed at the end of this all.

If I can be running regularly again by the summer, I will be thrilled.  I have zero plans to run any races in 2014.  If I do it will be local 5k or 10ks as long as my foot is completely healed.

Pie in the sky goal - a half marathon next fall October 2014.

My biggest and most important running/fitness goals for 2014 = Get healthy/do no more harm to my body/lose some more weight/get leaner/more fit/ HAVE FUN!

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