Thursday, April 17, 2014

Number Nine Number Nine Number Nine

I am infinitely grateful for this blog in ways
that I often do not express.
Well this one and the old one. 
They are one and the same in my mind.
M Bug will turn nine on Saturday
and I love that I have a little place where
I told stories about him
and posted pictures
and just sort kept a little journal.
Most of it was from before Missy 
and to see our lives before we had two kiddos
is fascinating and amazing.
So cool !

I know I have not written about 
the kids as much as I did back then.
There are many reasons for that.
Time, energy, wherewithal, desire.
I feel the kids are getting older 
and to put every detail of our lives or theirs
on the Internet is a weird thing.
I do not need the blog in ways I did when 
M Bug was little and I was fresh new Momma
who desperately needed my own space
away from being Mommy and work.

However, that blog is the closest thing I have 
to a letter to M Bug from what life was like before 
when he was an only
and we were much younger and new 
to this parenting business.

M Bug,
This is for you on your ninth birthday:
Someone told me there are not many of you
in this world and he was right.
You are one of a kind in the best most amazingly cool ways!
You are an old soul with the kindest of hearts.
You are passionate.
You are sweet.
You are smart.
You are funnier than I have ever been in my whole life.
You are tough and yet sensitive.
You are sporty and yet you are a fantastic artist.
You love books about history and shows about animals
and when you want to set about learning something
you do with a fire not many have in their lives.
You want to do everything so well
that is hurts my heart to see you 
frustrated when you cannot be perfect at everything.
You still love your blanket and your stuffed pup
and you are okay with it, like hey take me for
what I am, like me for me and do not try to change me.
You are a good sport (most of the time!)
You work hard if you do not get something
and yet oh my this year, this grade...
it has been a tough one.
Fear not for life will only become more
intricate and difficult and if you are fearful
you will be constantly mired in unhappiness.
Your internal strength and wit will take you 
places you imagine and I think anything you 
imagine will come true.
I know you dream of traveling the world
and it will happen because you are you.
I am so very proud of you.
I know your baby sister makes you crazy
but always look after her and remember
that as long as you take good care of her
she will always think the sun rises and sets over
your head; she just wants to be like you
and that is a compliment, a huge one.
Hold that compliment dear to your heart.
No matter what happens in this life
know that we love and cherish you 
with all of our hearts!
You are special and loved and adored.
Happy 9th Birthday.
Love to you,

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